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YG & Kehlani Goes on Love Track “Konclusions”


YG and Kehlani Go on Love Track “Konclusions” which comes after five months they went public with their relationship. On Thursday, they released their new single “Konclusions” in which its lyrics, is filled with YG professing his love for Kehlani, also boasted about their sex lives.

YG and Kehlani Goes on Love Track Konclusions
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Meanwhile, this is to show that all is good and lovely with the couple after five months of their relationship. Before now, it had a different view after the events towards the end of 2019 were an indication that the couple is having strains in the relationship.

In fact, that speculations were that the couple had to quit the relationship after YG got caught up in cheating allegations. Kehlani made a tweet in December, which could be a pointer to this, “I am single. and focused.” She has long deleted the tweet.

However, the February brought back love to the couple as YG unveiled a new wrist tattoo dedicated to Kehlani, he shared this on his Instagram story. This was when their fans had a glimpse that the duo is reigniting their love once again.

Hence, “Konclusions” is a way of validating the love they have got back and have concluded to stick with each once again. It came in timely as it was released on the eve of Valentine, lovers’ day celebration.

“Konclusion” is available for stream across all the major platforms online.