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“Y’all Gotta Take This Stuff Seriously,” Says Slim Thug After the Rapper Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Over the past weeks, the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S has increased significantly. With a majority of the cases confirmed in the state of New York.

Big names like Idris Elba and his wife revealed their positive status to the case last week. Also, a host of athletes have tested positive for the virus as well.

After testing positive for coronavirus, Houston’s rapper, Slim Thug, took to his Instagram account to let his followers and fans know the importance of self-isolation. He further advised them to follow any guidelines given regarding this deadly novel coronavirus.

In the video that he shared on IG, he started by saying: “So check this out. No games being played, alright?” “The other day, I got tested for the coronavirus, and it came back positive. As careful as I’ve been self-quarantining, staying home–I might have done and gone got something to eat or something or did some stuff like that. Simple stuff like that, nothing crazy. Stayed in my truck, had [my]mask, gloves, everything on, and my test came back positive,” He said into the camera.

He then continued to give a piece of advice to his fans and followers, saying: “So y’all gotta take this stuff seriously. Sit home, self-quarantine, do not come outside for however long they’re saying. If you have symptoms, you need to go get checked out or whatever. I’m good, I feel good. I got no problems right now. The other day I had a slight fever and a cough; I feel better now. I have no fever or nothing like that, so I feel like I’m good, though. Y’all better take it seriously, it’s real out here.”

Meanwhile, his advice sounds pretty good to everyone out there who might be at risk of exposure to this virus. Please, stay at home, quarantine, and stay safe!