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The Various Forms of ‘Black Pressure’ We Never Know

The Various Forms of 'Black Pressure' We Never Know

Within every black community, there are various forms of ‘black pressure’ that most black people seem to overlook. The fact that these pressures are not spelled out does not change the fact of their obvious existence, which if pointed out, can help black people everywhere to handle it more effectively. We shall be considering these various forms of black pressure for easy identification.

Firstly, there is the economic pressure that strives most young black people to engage in various ventures to acquire economic and financial freedom and stability. Owing to the fact that the system may appear to be unfair towards black people, achieving this puts a lot of strain on the black man, as he has to fight tooth and nail in order for this to happen. This would see the black man engage in even illegal means so as to achieve this envisioned, high economic status.

Secondly, there is the social pressure which sees the black man striving harder than necessary to meet up to the ‘standard of living’ which has appeared to be stipulated by individuals who have crossed the hard path to get to the top of the ladder. The social pressure sees the black man trying hard to achieve higher educational qualifications, get employed in a top firm, and work twice as hard to achieve a promotion, and so on.

Also, there is the emotional and mental pressure that may be personal but still counts as a very necessary pressure which most black people face today. These pressures come from the day-to-day experiences black people have to face in society today, ranging from hate crimes, racism, segregation, injustice, tribalism, nepotism, and other societal vices. These pressures happen to be the darkest and most dangerous forms of pressure the black man faces, as the end product of these pressures determines what truly becomes of the black man facing them.

After all said and done, these forms of black pressure remain real, and has been adversely affecting the black man in every possible way. The economic pressure makes him see acquisition of wealth as the only source of life, and getting it should be a do or die affair; the social pressure ‘demands’ him to dedicate all his time and resources into proving that he is worth more than an average black man; and the emotional and mental pressure makes him see himself for what a greater portion of the society views him: a ‘sub-human’ being.

It is important that despite the importance of the achievements black people have to record for themselves, we should not give in to pressures that would end up undermining us. Black people have come to stay, and we have to do our part in making sure that our legacies are inscribed, without losing our purpose in life. These pressures are there because most black people consciously or unconsciously view the black race in the same way some other people see us: as sub-human beings. We have to let go of these negative thoughts and begin to see ourselves as something bigger than what the world may have negatively defined us to be.

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