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Terri Lyons Crowned Calypso Monarch 2020


Terri Lyons, the soca princess, won the crown, making her the fifth woman ever to win the title and a grand first prize of $700,000.

Terri Lyons Crowned Calypso Monarch 2020
Terri Lyons

It was an epoch-making moment when Lyons with Karene Asche and Heather McIntosh became the women to stay in the top three spots of the most craved competition.

In a statement after her win, Lyons disclosed she nearly missed the chance to be in the show this year. She was grateful to her team as well as her songwriter, Maria Bhola, for their immense support.

Lyons captured the hearts of the fans throughout the show, and she secured a favorite spot before the fans, receiving the highest ovation of the bight after she performed “Meagan My Dear” as her second song of the night.

Her win is even more exciting because eight of the 12 finalists were former Calypso Monarchs.

Ronaldo London, last year defending monarch, didn’t have a good outing on the show as he ended up at the bottom of the result list.

Brian London had to set the crowd on fire with his song “Boo, Shame on You.” He rejuvenated the audience with this song.

Karen Asche is another contender for the fans’ favorite. She ended up second and performance of “The Mighty Chalk­dust” (Hollis Liverpool) set the crowd’s heart on fire with tender loving affection.

Lyons, who has engraved her name in the Calypso history timeline, maintained she can’t choose to leave the genre. She called for more effort to revive interest in calypso as an art form.

She went on to state that calypso should not only be performed in concerts but on the streets (of Port of Spain) throughout the year.

She said, “We need to bring new minds with­in the mar­ket­ing. I know that Tu­co has a page and stuff, but it needs to be more in peo­ple’s face, especially the youths,”

Terri Lyons is one of the best in her craft has been performing with Kes the Band throughout the season. Their duet “Throw Back Ting” has been well received and getting impressive airplay.