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Surviving Lockdown? Nadiya Hussain Says We Need to Get Creative When Cooking During Lockdown


Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussain did not only reveal that we can eat the skin of a banana, but she also shows the banana skin ‘pulled pork’ recipe that got everybody’s mind-blowing.

On joining Good Morning Britain‘s Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard, the television chef told audiences how vital it is to shift our focus about food during this coronavirus epidemic and get creative when cooking this period.

“We need to stop and think about what we throw away,” Nadiya began. “I’ve been cooking banana peel forever; we always cook the banana peel. I thought to myself, I have to share this!”

She continued, “You literally just shred up ripe banana peel The banana peel you’d usually chuck away after making banana bread – and everyone’s making banana bread at the moment.”

“Don’t chuck the peel away, cook it up with some garlic, some onion, some BBQ sauce, stick it in a burger, and you’ve got pulled pork, pulled chicken. It’s amazing,” she added!

A stunned Susanna responded: “Banana peel? You don’t mean the skin of the banana, do you? I didn’t know that was edible!”

In responding to Susanna’s amazement, Nadiya said, smiling: “It’s good for you!”

Susanna later joked: “Just eating the peel is going to be something we’re going to have to do,” referring possibly due to the scarcity of eggs and flour in the supermarkets as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Image Credit: ITV

As the show rode on, Susanna paid tribute to NHS doctors who lost their lives fighting this deadly disease. Among those are Dr. Alfa Sa’adu, 68, who returned to the NHS to help in the disease control, and Thomas Harvey, a father of seven. Both lost their lives as a result of the complications caused by the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the duo joined the previously deceased in Adil El Tayar, an organ specialist, GP Habib Zaidi, and Amged El-Hawrani. and ENT specialists.

Susanna fought back tears as she paid tribute to the heroes. “We thank you for your service,” she said, with cameras revealing she had been choking as she announced the news.