Home News Rod Wave drops ‘Pray 4 Love’ album

Rod Wave drops ‘Pray 4 Love’ album


Rod Wave of Alamo Records just dropped a sophomore album, titled Pray 4 Love. This comes after his Ghetto Gospel LP, which was released last year, and executively produced by Kevin Gates.

Rod Wave drops 'Pray 4 Love' album

Rod Wave talked about the 14-tracklist Pray 4 Love album on Apple Music. According to Wave, “Before the albums, and people talking and liking and following, all I had was the music. The music helps me talk about [my problems]. I don’t regret going through any of it because if it hadn’t gone down like that, ‘Heart on Ice’ wouldn’t have even been a song. It would have been ‘Wrist on Ice.’”

Below is the tracklist of the album:

1. Pray 4 Love
2. Fuck the World
3. Thief in the Night
4. Thug Life
5. I Remember
6. Rags2Riches f. ATR Son Son
7. No Weakness
8. Roaming
9. The Greatest
10. Ribbon in the Sky
11. 5% Tints
12. Girl of My Dreams
13. Thug Motivation
14. Dark Clouds