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Quavo Reveals That Lil Wayne Inspired Him to Finish High School


The Migos rapper, Quavo reveals that Lil Wayne is one of those that inspired him to push through with his high school days as the rapper became a high school graduate this week. Quavo received his diploma from Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Georgia, this week, and has shown gratitude to the fellow rapper, Lil Wayne, for being a motivator in his educational pursuit.

Quavo, who is in the class of 2020 graduate opened up on his decision to finish school on Friday during an interview with Weezy on Apple Music’s Young Money Radio.

“I was doing stuff for the community and the school and everything. The school was always involved and just me being considered as a dropout, you’re not really alumni,” he said. “My principal was a teacher of mine back in the day. He ended up being principal now and shout out to Principal Williams. Man, he hit me up and was like, ‘Man, you should go back and get it.’ And I just went back and got it.”

That is when Lil Wayne shared with him that he too graduated from high school after dropping out aged 14. “You was most definitely one of my inspirations for going back to school,” Huncho told Weezy.

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne was pleased to hear that he motivated Quavo’s decision. “That’s love right there,” he said. “I’m glad I was in any kind of way of helping that idea, that decision, man. That’s love right there, man.”

Also, Quavo can now continue his education to college after getting his high school certificate, just like Wayne did. “I think I might. I think I might,” he said.

The Migos group released “Need It” on Friday, featuring NBA YoungBoy, the first single off their coming project.

“We coming back, we ain’t dropped in about two years,” Quavo said. “Dropped that, try to give it to them, give them a little taste of how we coming. Just warming up, just a warm-up, but that will be on the album. That will be on the album.”

Again, Quavo revealed that the new project would no longer bear the proposed name, Culture III. “We changing the name, we going to push Culture III, the title back. We going to change the name this time,” he added.