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Offset Shuns Migos, In His Pick For “Greatest Group In Rap History”


Migos is the most popular rap group in Atlanta’s rap space. It is a region with a lot of significant influence on the growth and development of hip-hop.

And for the past two decades, Atlanta has had a significant impact on the music industry. Most of the rap music nowadays had its roots influenced by the city’s regional sound.

Having conquered Atlanta, the Migos have often claimed to be the biggest rap group and an all-time greatest. Though many have argued against this, their impact is overwhelming on the generations of rapper recently coming out.

Meanwhile, to get facts straight. Most of these claims of Migos being the all-time greatest came from Offset more so than Takeoff or Qauvo.

That is, it comes as a surprise that he declared Outkast his favorite group in the history of rap. It is not wrong that Offset decided to give it to Outkast after all the Outkast was very vital to the success of the Migos.

Offset and Cardi B while vibing to UGK’s “International Players Anthem” ft. Outkast”, disclosed that “This is my favorite group, I feel like, in the history of rap,” he said. “Outkast, from the A.”