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Narcos: Mexico Season 2: Migos member Quavo’s Appearance Gets Fans Excited


Quavo, who is one of the Migos, appears in Narcos: Mexico Season 2, which was released on Thursday, 13, 2020, on Netflix. Fans took to Twitter to share how excited they are on the return of the show as well the cameo appearance of Quavo.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2: Migos member Quavo's Appearance Gets Fans Excited
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Narcos: Mexico is centered on the life of Miguel Agel Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna). The season one of the series followed the early days of his career in the 1970s and 1980s when he started the Guadalajara Cartel through his ability to unit local drug gangs.

In consequence, Season 2 od the series is a sequel to Season 1, with Miguel Gallardo now El Padrino, the Godfather of the Guadalajara cartel. It also shows his frantic efforts to expand and dominate, the struggle with DEA agent Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy)who wants revenge for the 1985 death of fellow DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena (Micheal Peña)

The season ends with the fall of Gallardo’s drug empire, after his arrest in 1989 by the Mexican police and charged with Kiki’s murder and so many other offenses.

The release of Narcos: Mexico Season 2 was announced on Instagram on Thursday. The rapper Quavo, whose real name is Quavious Marshall, also shared some clips from his appearance on the show.

Quavo, the Grammy-nominated artist, appeared in Episode 2 of the Netflix series, titled Alea lacta Est. He starred as an L.A drug dealer who travels to Mexico’s Tijuana to introduce new drug products; he called “crack” to the drug dealers family of Arellano Felix. He goes on to show the drug dealer how to use crack, and let’s one of them have a try.

Meanwhile, he was later informed by his host about a party which he obliged to. In this scene of the party, he was seen rejecting the crack when it was offered to him. He warned them not to get high on their supply.

The original cast of the series had Offset and Takeoff, the other member of the Migos’ trio, to play as Quavo’s companions. But they failed to show up for the filming. It came up as a hat tip for their rap track “Narcos” released in 2018’s studio album Culture II, inspired by Netflix’s series.