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Ludacris Biography Net Worth & Investments


Christian Brian Bridges, popularly known as Ludacris, is American Rapper and actor, who has been active on the scene both as a Hip Hop act (a very good one at that) and an actor, with various huge movies attached to him, like the popular “Fast and Furious”. Below is a run down of the biography, net worth and Investments of Ludacris.

• Biography 

Ludacris Biography, Net Worth & Investments

Ludacris was born in 1977, at Champaign in Illinois. He began rapping at the age of nine, after he moved to Atlanta. He briefly worked as a disk jokey, before he released his debut album. Considered one of the biggest Hip Hop acts of the century, Ludacris has enjoyed a prosperous rap career, having bagged three Grammy awards and MTV Award.

• Net Worth & Investments 

Officially, the net worth of Ludacris puts him at $25 million. The rapper cum actor gets his net worth from his various music endeavors as well as his numerous acting roles. Ludacris had made a net worth of $16 million in 2007; by 2008, Ludacris net worth was $14 million; in 2009, Ludacris had his net worth at $10 million; the net worth was $16 million in 2010; the net worth was $12 million in 2011, and so on. Over the years his net worth has been increasingly impressive, and due to this, his net worth sits at $25 million as at 2019.

For his investments, when Ludacris is not making music or appearing on movies, he runs his record label named “Disturbing tha Peace Records”, which is distributed by Def Jam recordings. He also has another investment as a co-owner of Conjure Cognac Liquor. In 2011, he released his own earphone line named “souls by Ludacris” which was manufactured by Soul Electronics making it one of his yet huge investments. In 2016, he opened up a restaurant called “Chicken n Beer” at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.