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Logic Drops His Final Studio Album ‘No Pressure;’ Sets for Retirement


Logic has revealed he’s quitting after his new album drops. A decade after coming through with his first mixtape, the 30-year-old rapper hangs up the mic with his sixth and final album No Pressure.

The new project is executive produced by No I.D., which marks a full-circle moment for Logic, who worked with No I.D. on his 2014 debut Under Pressure.

On the 15-tracks set, which features only five hooks, Logic goes solo all through. “When it comes to my diehard fans, this is for you,” the rapper said during his album listening party on Twitch. “The reason that I wanted to write such bars and positivity and love, this is that. It is a recounting of my past and that adolescence that I’ve talked about here and there throughout my entire career.”

Logic, who recently welcomed his first son Bobby, plans to focus on his family after his retirement. “It’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father,” he said.

Fans, however, can still connect with him through Twitch. He signed a seven-figure deal with the live video streaming service, where he will stream weekly.

“I know the news of retirement may be bittersweet when understanding the motives behind it. But worry not dear listener. I will still be here for you,” Logic assured Fans. “This will now if anything only allow me to focus more on not only my family. But YOU! My family reading this. Without the stress of this industry, we can communicate more. Interact more, and I’m so excited for that.”

No Pressure marks Logic’s sixth studio album following his 2014’s Under Pressure, 2015’s The Incredible True Story, 2017’s Everybody, 2018’s YSIV, and 2019’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

You can stream No Pressure below.