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How My White Wife Ruined My Life – Lament Of A Black Man



In the wake of the Amber Heard and Johnny’s Depp’s ugly divorce and court case over domestic abuse, violence, and assault, there is no doubt we are once again looking at another overly negative impact of the #MeToo campaign.

One may argue that following the implications of the #MeToo campaign, social awareness and attention has been driven towards the vice of domestic assault, abuse, and sexual misconducts. Still, given the recent events in the past years, one cannot help but notice it is a meter that has gone a notch off the good towards the absurd.

The almost blind simplistically idiotic mantra of #BelieveWomen, which is a fundamental aspect of the movement, has seen the weaponization of sexual and domestic assault accusations, and black men feel the heat most intensely.

The overly sympathetic lean towards the plight of women at the expense of justice, fairness, and due process has ruined a lot of men who have been accused and convicted based on mere allegations for crimes that know nothing about.

The story of Amber and Johnny Depp which went mainstream three years ago following Amber’s accusation that Johnny abuse and is violent towards her. The blowback on the career of Johnny Depp, who, even today, is yet to recover, was unfairly massive.

He lost many deals and roles, with the cancel culture coming for his head at every turn.

Three years down the line, in the light of the new evidence from surveillance cameras, audios, pictures provided by Depp, it has been demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that Amber was, in fact, the aggressor and abuser.

It is sad enough tale that following this new information, the implication hasn’t been anything near as severe for Amber as it was for Johnny. Most people are pretending like it didn’t happen, begging the question, is the outrage really against sexual assault and abuse or merely a misandrist tactic to bring down good men.

Just recently, Archie Williams, a black man, was released from prison after 36 years of serving a sentence for a rape he didn’t commit, a sentence passed on the whim of a white woman’s tearful inconsistent and bland testimony that lacks any shred of evidence.

Thousands of men, black men, have had their lives ruined because of this, a mere accusation, a tear or two, and an innocent man’s life are ruined.

In a justice system that operates on the principle of ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt’ and ‘innocent until proven otherwise,’ the gynocentric judge system in the country has consistently ignored these fundamental principles of justice, to lay down perverse judgments and verdicts.

It is a perversion of justice, outright misandry, and gross absurdity that a man has to provide thousands of evidence and proof to exonerate himself. At the same time, all his accuser needs to do is make up a story, cry a few tears, and claim to be traumatized.

The onus is at every time primarily on the claimant to prove the accused is guilty.

This reminds me of the story of my good friend Drey. He married a white woman a few years ago in what I would define as a fairytale romance wedding. Drey was in love. The hints were there, but one could hardly do much to dissuade a brother in love.

Lilly abused Drey for years in their marriage. Would hit him, verbally curse and harass him and then threaten to call the police on him if he ever dared reciprocate.

I once took Drey to the police station to lay a complaint, to our dismay and to the eternal shame of our one-sided police and justice system, Drey was asked to provide evidence and watertight proof for his allegations to be taking with an ounce of seriousness. To my further disgust, he was warned that if ever his wife mentions he was the aggressor, he will be arrested and is guaranteed to be jailed.

A man who has come to the police to report about his abuse turned out to be threatened as the potential abuser and his abuser going free without any consequence for her abhorrent behaviors.

She eventually falsely accused him of domestic violence, landing him in jail for six months in which he maintained his innocence. Only due to the suggestion of his lawyer, who revealed that if he continued to maintain his innocence, he might remain in jail for up to four years, Drey pleaded guilty and was released after another two months.

He recently got his dream job; things were looking up for my friend until his employer ran a background check. He has been fired from a job he has dreamt about from the very first day I got to know this good man, that is my friend.

This is one in a thousand instances of how the perverse justice system, in collaboration with weeping white women, are hell-bent on ruining men’s life, black men, kings with wonderful futures before them, ruined by a sinister misandrist agenda to pull men down.

The justice system in America is not made to give you justice as a man, especially as a black man, it is a largely unfair system that is unashamed to show its bias and racism, one could suggest every black man exercise excessive caution in their dealings as the very system we are in is designed to bring you down.

There are thousands of men like my friend Drey. We need to educate and hold each other up because there is danger lurking at every corner in the volatile contraption that is America marred by ethnic, racial, and gender bias tilted heavily against black men.