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Gizelle & Jamal Bryant Clap back on Fans Who Think Their Relationship’s Reconciliation Is A Farce


Gizzelle and Jamal Bryant do know that many people think their reconciliation in their relationship is just a storyline for “The Real Housewives of Potomac” And they have a responsibility for their fans who still don’t get it.

Recall that Gizelle announced that she has reconciled with Jamal, the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor, although he cheated on her in their marriage. Gizzelle, in her announcement, says, “I am enjoying the pursuit, and I am open.” “There’s nobody who knows me like that man.”

“I look back, and I feel like, nobody is what their mistakes are, I feel like he’s a different person, I’m a different person. So we’re baby-stepping, but we’re moving in a direction that we want to move into. And I do love when we’re all together as a family.”

Besides, rumor had been spread that their reconciled romance is fake. Funky Dineva alleged that that the couple is trying to put up a phony coupledom for the upcoming season of RHOP; he made these claims earlier last week and disclosed he got the information from production team members.

Meanwhile, the Bryants found a perfect reply for all the doubters. The couple clapped back with the T-shirt that said “The Storyline” and “The Plot.”