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Fearless Black Female Warriors: Queen Nanny


Queen Nanny, a Jamaican national legend, was an outstanding pioneer of the Jamaican Maroons in the eighteenth century. Nanny was captured from Ghana, West Africa, as a youth, and constrained into subjugation in Jamaica. As i was growing up, influenced by the Maroons and different pioneers of the subjugated Africans. The Maroon individuals subjugated Blacks who fled the harsh manors and shaped their networks in Jamaica’s inside.


Caretaker and her siblings fled from the estate and covered up in the Blue Mountains territory. From that point, they drove a few revolts crosswise over Jamaica. Queen Nanny was a well-regarded, insightful otherworldly pioneer who was instrumental in sorting out the designs to free oppressed Africans.


For more than 30 years she liberated more than 800 slaves and helped them subside into Maroon people group. She crushed the English in numerous fights and regardless of rehashed assaults from the English officers. Grandy Babysitter’s settlement, called Nanny Town, stayed under Maroon control for quite a while.