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Elderly Buffalo Protester Hospitalized After Violent Shove to the Ground by the Cops


Martin Gugino of Buffalo remains hospitalized after a violent shove to the ground by the cops at a protest in Buffalo. But he has been showered with gifts and support, his attorney confirms.

Martin’s attorney, Kelly Zarcone, reportedly tells TMZ that the 75-year-old has received more than 1,000 messages of support, some of which are even handwritten and delivered by snail mail. Also, supporters sent gifts, too, such as an autographed book from an author, an original painting, and some religious jewelry. According to TMZ, someone also made, by hand, a prayer blanket that is on its way to the hospital.

Although it’s unclear how much Martin Gugino will be charged in the hospital, but no doubt it’ll be substantial, since he’s been in since June 4. Meanwhile, Kelly revealed that Gugino didn’t authorize any GoFundMe accounts initially, but changed his tune since after he realized he’d need all the help he can get to cover for his medical and recovery costs.

And since then, there are now TWO official GoFundMe accounts to help Martin Gugino cover his medical costs, and so far, they’ve racked up $80,000 in donations.

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While he continues to recover, Martin is reportedly reading all the comments on the GoFundMe accounts as well as the letters and emails, which have all been comforting.

Martin Gugino fractured his skill on June 4 after he was shoved by cops, who were ultimately suspended during a protest in Buffalo. However, the suspension triggered 57 officers resigning from the Emergency Response Team.

Moreover, the support is a stark contrast to the death threats Martin received just a little over a week ago. As you’d expect, the barrage of threats left Martin feeling unsafe about going home, once he’s healthy.