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DMX Tenders Apology To Lloyd Banks For Questioning His Lyrical Ability


It’s never an easy thing to do, tendering an apology. Here is DMX doing it wholeheartedly! He’s apologizing to Lloyd Banks for his comments on his lyrical ability.

While discussing with Fatman Scoop on Instagram Live, the DJ and rapper talked about their favorite lyricists. As Scoop listed off his faves, DMX questioned his choice when he mentioned Banks.

“Lloyd Banks? Lyricist?” He asked, according to Complex. “Quote four bars. Impress me with four bars of his. It shouldn’t be hard.”

After hearing what X has said, Lloyd Banks took to Twitter to explain why he thinks DMX questioned his lyrical ability. “So because I didn’t come to the studio to work when HE reached out..I’m not that good?” He tweeted, revealing he missed their studio schedule because he had a flight to catch.

However, DMX realized his mistakes as he had confused Banks for his former G-Unit groupmate Tony Yayo. So, taking to Instagram Stories, he admitted his mistakes and apologized, while again taking a shot at Yayo.

“It takes a real ni**a to admit when he’s wrong,” he wrote over a screenshot of Banks’ tweets. “My apologies to Lloyd banks I was thinking tony yayo when I was asked about banks. I fuck with banks.”

Meanwhile, DMX has been making headlines recently since he showed his interest in challenging Jay-Z to a Verzuz battle. However, it was Eminem who has reportedly offered to face off against X. Instead the rapper has his sights on the billionaire rapper.