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Christian Terrorism In Africa That No One Is Talking About



I stumbled on a piece of news on Twitter of how the Chinese Government demolishes churches and Mosques. Stories of how ISIL in the Middle East blow up churches, while in Western Africa, terrorist groups like Boko haram, occasionally blow up churches and mosques in their move to instill terror.

A reoccurring motif under news such as above is the constant reminder by Christians that they are being terrorized, they are facing persecution and tribulation for the kingdom of heaven.

Deep within me, unsaid anger grows, the irony of such hypocritical complaints. I have once mentioned before ‘Jesus fought all his life against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Sadducees but ended up creating the largest hypocrites this world has ever know – Christians.

Christians met out similar acts of terrorism against minority religions all over Africa, but little to nothing is being said about that. The whole world is mum about this blatant act of barbarity and terrorism carried out by Christians within West Africa.

Traditional Religion has become a minority religion in West Africa. It is flanked left and right by the ever-encroaching and aggressive Abrahamic spawns – Christianity and Islam.

Christians in their number often invade places of traditional worship, burn it to the ground. Chief priests to these traditional shrines are often beaten, chased away, or at worse murdered.

Christians interpret this act of terrorism as a divine fight against the kingdom of darkness — borrowing excuses to terrorize others and perpetuate Abrahamic religious intolerance around Africa.

Throughout Africa, wherever these violent Abrahamic twins are a majority, oppression, and terrorism is expected.

To demonstrate how deep-seated this problem is, most Christians find excuses as to why their terrorism is justified, just like ISIL quoting bits of the Quran to justify their horrific terrorism against the world.

In every Religion of the world, only Christianity and Islam has a fundamental need or mission to propagate to every other part of the world, and this explains the aggression inherent in both Abrahamic spawns. Because, sometimes, in the supremacy lockdown that is inevitable in such invasive ideologies, violence becomes a necessary tool for their desired end.

Christians terrorize and maim minority religions, demonize and attack them both physically and psychologically. A consistent act of terrorism that is being perpetually swept under the carpet to maintain the façade of Christian tolerance and peacefulness.

There has never been a lie told more effectively.

Just like their Muslim counterparts, so little Christians believe the right others to worship anything and anyway they want. Given the opportunity, they do everything possible to remove religious freedom and often resort to terrorism to achieve this end.