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Black on Black Crimes – The Action That Makes Prone to Social Injustice

Black on Black Crimes - The Action That Makes Prone to Social Injustice

We always look to our skin color or our ancestry the very instant we perceive any form of social injustice as a reason why we suffer such injustice, but today, we should be looking beyond our skin color; beyond our ancestry; all the way to an action known as Black on Black crimes.

Black on black crimes, just as the name suggests, includes a various plethora of crimes that are committed by black people against fellow black people. Aside from the United States where cases of these violent crimes are also mentioned rapidly, in Africa, there are constant clashes among rival communities and ethnic groups and tribes that leave many dead, badly injured, and displaced from their homes, respectively.

These black on black crimes raise a very disturbing signal before the rest of the world: the signal of disunity. When people have shown a huge level of discord within themselves, they make it easy for others to prey on them. Aside from whatever issues beneath the reasons for social injustice against black people, the display of gross disunity due to these actions plays a very vital role in seeing that social injustice has its way.

This narrative has to change. We have to let go of violence and embrace peaceful resolution in all that we do. The government has to take the lead in ensuring that incidences that easily spark violence among black people, thus enthroning black on black crimes are stoped effectively.

Our battle against social injustice will only yield more fruit if we are seen as a collective force, joined together against one single force; not as a people disunited by our continuous shedding of each other’s blood.

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