Numerous researchers have presumed that the authors of the first Mesopotamian human advancement were Dark Sumerians. Mesopotamia was the Scriptural place where there is Shinar (Sumer), which jumped up to around 3000 B.C.

At the time of decoding the cuneiform content and inquiring about old Mesopotamia for a long time, Henry Rawlinson (1810-1895) found that the originators of the human progress were of Kushite (Cushite) starting point. He clarified that the Semitic speakers of Akkad and the non-Semitic speakers of Sumer were both Dark individuals who called themselves list gig-ga or “Clogged pores.”

John Baldwin wrote in his book “Ancient Countries” (1869): “The early settlers of Babylonia were of a similar race as the occupants of the Upper Nile.”

This was authenticated by different researchers including, Chandra Chakaberty, who declared in his book “An Investigation in Hindu Social Nation” that “dependent on the statuaries and steles of Babylonia, the Sumerians were “of dull composition (chocolate shading), short stature, yet of strong edge, oval face, forceful nose, straight hair, full head; they ordinarily took after the Dravidians, in noggin, however nearly in every one of the subtleties.”

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