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Album Number 5 – Big Sean Reveals His New Album ‘Detroit 2’ is on the Way


As the big-name rapper turned 32 on Wednesday, he gifted his fans with a huge announcement – “Detroit 2 is on the way.”

It seems as though Sean cannot forget where his root is as revealed in a two-minute trailer, where he spoke on his evolution while roaming through his hometown of Detroit.

“What’s crazy is the things that I thought would destroy me came full-circle to fuel me, Sean said.” In the trailer, Big Sean is also seen in the studio with Young Thug while explaining how his Detroit city impacted him. “I’ve been going back and listening to music that impacted me growing up,” he said. “You know, songs that I heard on the radio every day, but I didn’t even realize it was popping in Detroit,” he added.

Meanwhile, Detroit 2 is a follow-up to Sean’s 2012 mixtape named after his hometown. He released his last studio album, “I Decided,” in 2017.

This is good news to songs lovers all over the world as we have witnessed so many album releases announced this week. Notably are Joyner Lucas’ “ADHD” and Skepta, Chip & Young Adz collaborative album, “Insomnia” that is set to release on the same date Friday, March 27.