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A Judge Dealt Blac Chyna a Major Blow on Her Appeal of $72K Judgement In Rent


A judge denied Blac Chyna’s appeal of $72,000 judgment in rent last week as he ruled to uphold the default money. The model and social media star appeared by phone on June 26 for a hearing on whether she could get a default judgment issued against her for failing to pay the rent on L.A. area cottage thrown out.

It was reported that last year, landlord, Michael Kremerman, sued Blac Chyna for breach of contract and negligence, alleging she upped and moved from a Studio City, Ca. cottage four months before her lease was due without settling the back rent payments and with about $18,000 worth of items from the house.

Chyna, however, never responded to the case, prompting the judge to issue a default judgment against her earlier this year. Now that the judgment was filed, her court papers claim that she was never properly served with the case and that the landlord still owed her $20,000 from her security deposit that he failed to return.

Also, Chyna, accused Kremerman last month of “wrongfully” obtaining $56,400 from her checking account towards the judgment, which she claimed included $13,821.94 in additional rent charges even though he no longer owned the home, her court paper states.

However, Judge William Stewart took sides with Kremerman and denied Blac Chyna’s motion to set aside the default judgment. Again, the judge ordered court officials to release Chyna’s money, which was frozen, to pay the landlord.

Kremerman’s lawyer. Dennis Block told BOSSIP that “the court properly ruled that the lawsuit was served in accordance with the code of civil procedure.”

At the moment, no comments have been received from Blac Chyna or his attorney.