Wendy Williams Surprises Dee Barnes With Book Deal Offer And Plans To Take On Dr. Dre Assault Story In Movie

Dee Barnes Gets The Deal Of A Lifetime From Wendy Williams
It’s been a long rough patch for Dee Barnes but things are about to turn around for the traditional hip hop journalist, thanks to Wendy Williams.

Dee Barnes made a pit stop at The Wendy Williams Show this week where she gave everyone updates on her housing situation after making headlines for being abandoned. The mother of two told Wendy and her viewers that she had raised $30,000 in donations, although she had been still temporarily staying with a friend while the funds cleared with GoFundMe.

Wendy seemed really invested in allowing Dee to explained folks exactly why and how she got into her predicament.

Dee’s situation has A LOT to do with Dr. Dre famously attacking her at an artist showcase after being displeased with an NWA interview she anchored. Dee alleges Dre choked her, slammed her head toward a particular wall, kicked her down a flight of stairs and in a new bit of detail further attacked her in a woman’s restroom. He was actually contested over the occurrence, unlike the many other times he allegedly attacked women around that time.

Dee paused when Wendy asked if she was sexually attacked during the well-known spat. She did, however, reveal, that Set It Off filmmaker F. Gary Gray did blackball her from auditioning for the movie. He had been her cameraman for years on her own show before Dre severed that connection and many others in media, television, and radio for the star.

To bring things full circle, Wendy allowed Dee a publishing deal to tell her story. Not only that, but Wendy says she also wants to help her bring her story to film by performing a movie.

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