Top five Best Places for Honeymoon in India

The practice of honeymoon began as early as the 19th century in Great Britain, when upper-class couples took ‘bridal tours’, often accompanied by friends and family, to visit distant relatives. The practice gradually became more popularized. Today, it is a common practice among young couples all over the world. Right after the wedding, couples embark upon a tour together to exotic places. It is seen that Indians take tours to foreign lands for their honeymoon. But, they often ignore the many places for honeymoon in India. With all its beauty, diversity and glory, India offers treasures to be discovered. Of course, it is hard to rank beauty, and hence it all depends on the taste of the couples. So let us take a quick look at five Best Places for Honeymoon in India.

  1. Kerala
    Kerala unfurls itself in beautiful ways, be it in the summer months or the winter, and is a sought-after place for honeymoon in India. For a relaxing sunbath, there is Kovalam Beach. For a romantic cruise journey in Alleppey. Munnar and Wayanad, set in the hills, deserve a visit for a wonderful time. Couples can explore the backwaters, with the network of lakes, canals, and rivers, in houseboats or discover the hidden treasures around Kerala. For a traditional holiday, complete with thick vegetation, diverse biology and the gentleness of the rural culture, Kerala is the ultimate place.

For every newly-wed couple, the honeymoon is a very important part of the whole ordeal. The prolonged occasion of an elaborate wedding and its preparations, alongside the anxiety about starting a new life with a new person, can leave a person a little drained and stressed. In such a state of mind, the honeymoon is the perfect way to relax, and also know each other better.

2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
The very idea of having a honeymoon on an island, surrounded by waters all around, is romantic. Be it the summer months or the winter, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are among the best places for honeymoon in India. It is exotic and private, with a mind-blowing repertoire of flora and fauna, from jungle life and hills to colorful fishes and sunken ships, alongside great food and accommodation. For the active couple, there is water-skiing, windsurfing, speed boats, glass-bottom boat rides, and much more. For underwater enthusiasts, Havelock Island is perfect for snorkeling and Scuba diving.

3. Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir
The summer capital of the state, Srinagar, offers lakes with sparkling ripples, valleys lush and heavenly, and high mountains, with the exotic Srinagar, ensconced among them, complete with houseboats and Mughal gardens that make the Kashmiri Venice one of India’s coveted honeymoon destinations. Winter capital Jammu offers forts, temples, and caves. While Son Marg, Gul Marg, Pahalgam, etc. are scenic spots, couples can trek towards Ladakh, and visit Kargil. Bollywood’s favorite can best be explored between October and March. Don’t forget picking pashmina shawls.

4. Uttarakhand
For the adventurous couple, November-March is perfect to visit Auli for a honeymoon marked with ski-workshops and speeding down snow-covered peaks. For the more romantic and calm couple, there is the quaint and beautiful Nainital, with the lakes, aerial ropeway, Jim Corbett National Park, etc., perfect for a visit during the summer as well as the winter months. Couples can also take a trip to Mukteshwar for a romantic getaway, which, at all times of the year, offers apples, pears, plums, apricots and peaches from orchards and food farms, and the excellent chocolates at Mountain Trails.

5. Goa
Another of Bollywood’s favorites, Goa is an exotic mix of fun and beauty, offering any new couple a honeymoon worth remembering, with warm sun, golden beaches, endless sea and swaying coconut palms, alongside colonial Portuguese buildings and churches, and other nearby places including hilly places. Adventurous couples may choose from activities like water-sports, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, etc. India’s party capital serves the best sea-food, Goan sausages or pork vindaloo, paired with feni or other drinks, at the beach shacks. Summer and winter are both great for a fun holiday.

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