Top 5 Most Intelligent Animals on Earth

  1. Chimpanzee
    Also known as chimps or apes, these animals, native to sub-Saharan Africa are very smart. Chimpanzees resemble humans not only as far as their looks are concerned but also they can think like us humans to a good extent. Next, to humans, they are the most intelligent creations of God. They communicate within their group in an amazing way. They can also use tools that they find in the forest to search for food or to find their community. If the chimpanzees are properly trained they may even learn human language.
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  1. Parrots
    Also known as psittacines, parrots are native to subtropical and tropical regions. You must have seen parrots repeating words and talking, and this clearly shows how intelligent they are. They can learn easily almost whatever their master teaches or regularly says in front of them. Parrots like eating seeds, buds, fruits, and nuts, and they can solve various complex problems.

  1. Rats
    The ability to think about thinking is known as metacognition, and some years ago scientists found out that rats, just like humans, have the capacity to make choices on the basis of what they do not or do know. Also, studies have shown that rats are ticklish, self-aware, and even dreamlike us humans. Pet rats are very common and share strong bonds with their humans. They can learn their names and come when asked. They even beg to come out of their cage when they need to play with their owners.
  1. Crows
    The brain size of a crow is nearly the size of a human thumb which is quite big having in mind its body size. This helps them solve difficult puzzles and also they have a good memory. According to scientists, crows have the ability to know and recognize individual human faces. Many parts of a crow’s brain start burning up when they see a person and figure out if they are threatening or friendly. So, the next time you even think of trying a crow, learn that they are not likely to overlook and forgive.
  1. Dolphin
    Dolphins are one of the friendliest animals and they can even identify themselves in the mirror which clearly shows how intelligent they are. A type of dolphin, Bottlenose dolphins, is known to have the largest brains in the entire animal kingdom. They are able to help humans solve many mysteries compared to the ocean. They can even show different emotions like joy and sorrow. Even when dolphins sleep, just one part of their brain dreams and the other continues actively to defend upon any threats.

Author: Chidiebere Rapheal Nwaigwa

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