Top 5 Most Expensive Animals in the World

Planet earth is full of beautiful birds, animals, and insects. Though you may be scared of some wild animals like tiger and lion, there are also some that are friendly and you can adopt like cats and dogs. Even birds like canaries and parrots are also commonly adopted. You may have spent a maximum of a few hundred dollars while adopting a pet and that is anyway the maximum you can afford. But, there are many animals in the world that are so expensive that will leave your mouth open.

Here is a list of five most expensive animals and birds in the world
This list of most expensive animals includes dog, cat, cow, horse and even a Stag Beetle. Let’s waste no time and find out about five such animals and birds that are the most expensive ones that mankind knows about.

  1. Sir Lancelot Encore – $155,000
    Nino and Edgar Otto loved their dog more than words can describe. This is why when they lost their beloved pet called Sir Lancelot in 2008 due to cancer they decided to opt for a dog-cloning procedure. The result of the process is Sir Lancelot Encore, a yellow Labrador worth $155,000. He made the couple the winners of a Bio-arts auction in San Francisco. See also; five of the world’s unique dog breeds.

2. White Lion Cubs – $138,000
The white lion cubs come from a very rare breed of lions. Though white lions can be found, they are extremely rare and seen only in the South African wildlife reserve. They are not yet considered a separate subspecies, and it was thus declared that they are homegrown to the Timbavati region of South Africa. According to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, just 300 white lions exist on this planet. This is why the cubs are worth a huge amount, $138,000. They’re one of the most expensive animals on earth.

3. Hyacinth Macaw – $14, 000
This Macaw, native to eastern and central South America, is the largest Macaw and also the biggest flying parrot in this planet. It has a strong beak to eat its natural food, which includes seeds and kernel of hard nuts. Using their strong beaks they can even crack coconuts, macadamia nuts, and Brazil nut pods. Together with being one of the biggest birds they also are the costly

4. Palm Cockatoo – $16,000
The Goliath Cockatoo or Palm Cockatoo is a big black parrot with red visible spots and is a part of the cockatoo family. This bird is the sole member of the bird’s monotypic species called Probosciger and associated family. It is about 55 to 60 cm tall and weighs about 910-2,100 grams. This parrot not only looks unique but also comes with a unique bill, $16,000.

5. Savannah Cat – $25,000
Okay, so you love both a dog and a cat but can adopt just one. Since both are so different in nature it will be difficult to decide which one will be better. However, if you opt for a Savannah cat then things become easier. This cat is beautiful and unique and you will have to pay $25,000 if you want to adopt it. Surely, it is a big amount and you can do so much with it, but it is the only way you can fulfill your dream of owning both a cat and a dog. This beautiful cat is not afraid of dogs, and in fact, it is known for being ‘dog-like’ and can be said to be a dog in a cat’s skin. It is so highly priced because of the problems in breeding it.

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