TOP 5 Most Attractive Female Celebrities in the world

  1. Eva Mende
    The American actress, model, singer, and home-ware and fashion designer. She’s a gorgeous woman who refuses to fix what others may see as flaws — “I have the hugest overbite. It’s so big, my older brothers and sisters used to call me “Bugs.” I looked like a bottle opener. But I’ve never fixed my bite because it’s one of the things that makes me… My best feature is my big hips. I’ve got some nice childbearing hips, and I feel very proud of them. When I was younger I thought they were too big. I wanted to be slimmer. But now I totally embrace them.”

There is no doubt that Eva Mendes is the best attractive female actor, model & singer. Not only she, but her daughter also ranked amongst most beautiful faces of 2019.

2. Shakira
Her hips don’t lie — and neither do her multiple music awards. The perky Colombian singer has a single on the sexiest hips ever. She has had various awards for her music, and she uses her fame to superior use by working for charities that benefit young children. She recorded the theme song of the 2010 World Cup of football (it is actually time for Africa). Why we love her? Her music alone would be enough to make us happy. Add in her tireless work for children’s welfare and education and we’re smitten.

3. Adriana Lima
She’s one of the hottest Victoria’s Secret angels… and so much more. The Sports Illustrated magazine’s swimsuit edition supermodel is each and every teenage boy’s dream. Her images happen to be almost certainly pinned up in millions of college dorms about the country. Guys go wild for her, but Lima has managed to keep a level head in spite of all the fame and adulation. She’s deeply committed to her Catholic faith, often bringing a bible to read backstage at fashion shows. And contrary to the stories you hear about models gone wild, Adriana publicly talked about saving herself for marriage. She’s now married to Serbian Marko Jarić and gave birth to a daughter last year.

4. Beyonce Knowles
Where you know her from Music, movies, awards shows…. where haven’t you seen her? She’s the wife of rap star Jay-Z. She was also given the title as People’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman. Here, so many reasons to love her, but mostly because “Single Ladies” is a song we’re almost glad will be stuck in our heads for the rest of our lives. She’s also no stranger to charity work, with Survivor Foundation being the most well-known for her contribution to Hurricane Katrina victims.

5. Megan Fox
She is sensible, beautiful and most attractive female in the US. She’s the go-to geek-bait hot babe and has appeared on countless magazine covers. She is regarded as a contemporary s.x symbol, and readers of FHM and Maxim magazines certainly agree. Guys will constantly wonder what Brian Austin Green has that he was capable to hook up and marry Fox. Watch; Megan Fox HD Photos and Wallpapers.

This quote from The Times of London, when the reporter asked her if she considered herself a role model:

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