The Strangest Places on Earth You Won’t Believe Exist (Top five)

Whether they are haunted forests, abandoned villages, or nature’s doing, there is a large number of places on earth that are downright strange and mysterious. Earth is full of surprises, and we get astounded by them as the years go by. The following are the top 10 of the strangest places to visit in the world and where to find them.

Top five Strangest Places on Earth You Won’t Believe Exist

  1. The Bermuda Triangle
    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle, is one of the world’s biggest mysterious. It’s a region in the North Atlantic Ocean where a large number of airplanes and ships have disappeared without explanation.

2. Gardens of Bomarzo – Italy
The Gardens of Bomarzo, also called Park of The Monsters, is a garden created during the 16th century in the province of Viterbo in Italy. It was designed to portray grief and to shock people. The idea started when Price Pier Francesco Orsini, who was in a war and been held for a ransom for many years, returns home to find out that his wife had died. He wanted to create a shocking Villa of Wonders to portray his grief and sadness. It’s filled with many bizarre and marvelous sculptures

3. Panjin Red Beach – China
Located in the biggest wetland and reed marsh, The Red Beach is surrounded by a type of seaweed called Sueda. It’s big tourist attractions and one of Asia’s largest reed marsh. The Red Beach houses over 400 wildlife species including endangered types of animals.

4. Fly Geyser – Nevada
Perched on the edge of the black rock desert, the Fly Geyser is actually man-made. It’s one of Nevada’s coolest attraction that was created 100 years ago. Before it became the alien looking geyser we see today, it was simply a man-made well in the 1900s. Heated water began to spew through the cracks. The minerals would deposit, forming the mount and the various terraces. The thermophilic algae are what gives it its breathtaking red and greens streaks.

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5. Oradour-Sur-Glane – France
The Oradour-Sur-Glane is a village frozen in time. The Village, located in France, was entirely wiped out in 1944. The inhabitants of the village, including women and little children, were massacred by Nazi Waffen-SS Company. They were machine-gunned, asphyxiated and burnt alive. According to a survivor, the inhabitants were convinced that they were rounded up for an ID check. Instead, they started aiming for their legs, making them unable to move, then setting them on fire. To this day, Oradour stands the way it was 50 years ago.

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