TED GINN DREW BREES IS A GOD … He Does Things Brady Doesn’t

Anyone questioning if New Orleans Saints receiver Tedd Ginn is a fan of his quarter, Drew Brees, you’re about to get your answer … and that solution is almost spiritual.

Ginn and Brees have been running mates for a couple of years now, so when we talked to the speed burner from Ohio State recently, we wanted to know how he felt about his signal caller.

“He’s a god. Anybody that gets with Drew seems like they get better and better. The things that he does on and off the field as a person are just really self-explanatory for who he is.”

Far be it for us to compare gods to mere men, but we had to ask … if Drew is so special, how does he stack up against one Mr. Thomas Brady?

According to Mr. Ginn, pretty damn good.

“The things that he does to make things work, I really don’t see Tom Brady doing.”

Before you call Ginn a homer (he needs the ball thrown to him, we get it) he also admits Brady is pretty good too.

“Some of the things Tom Brady does, I don’t see Drew doing.”

Never know when you might get traded to New England, right? We see you, Te

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