Stares who can’t stand Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is demonstrated that there’s a “Nicki hate train” out to get her.

In August 2018, Rolling Stone reported that Minaj suspended her tour with Future after unsubstantiated news that ticket sales were “in the toilet.” As a result, Minaj lashed out at the media and her competitors, writing on Instagram that her alleged detractors “just play to not have basic sense so that they can board the Nicki Hate train.”

It wasn’t the first time she addressed the loathsome engine. In April 2018, she told Beats 1 that the aforementioned “Nicki Hate Train” was partly after her feud with Cardi B. She also blamed the hate train, especially Pitchfork, for criticism she received for working with convicted sex offender Takashi 6ix9ine on “Fefe,” by pointing out that Lady Gaga worked with R. Kelly on “Do What U Want.” (It should be noted that for all his alleged shady behavior, R. Kelly has never really been convicted of sex crimes.)

Whether or not an actual “Nicki hate train” exists, there are plenty of folks, particularly famous ones, who have beef with the “Chun-Li” rapper. These are the celebs who can’t stand Nicki Minaj.

Author: Chidiebere Rapheal Nwaigwa

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