Prince William Reveals Kate Middleton’s Solution For Parenting Struggles [Report]

Prince William just spilled Kate Middleton’s solution when it comes to coping on her parenting struggles. According to the Duke of Cambridge, his wife is using the internet to solicit tips and pieces of advice from other mothers in order to deal with the hardships of being a mother.

Kate might be employing online sites like Mumsnet which is a parenting site that offers help to parents who are encountering issue to parenting their children. If this is true, then the Duchess is indeed facing difficulty when it comes to dealing with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

As suggested by some reports, both William and Kate have been very vocal about the challenges that modern-day parenting is giving them. The royal couple revealed this during their royal engagement at the new Ronald McDonald Evelyn House in London as per PEOPLE.

That was the event where Prince William and Kate Middleton met Justine Roberts, co-founder of Mumsnet, a popular online chat site for mothers. And reports were swirling that William told and shared to Roberts that his wife, Kate is also using the said online site. The Duke also presented Justine Roberts with an award for her contribution of the economy of Britain.

With a report from Mirror, Justine Roberts shared that they have speculated as to whether Kate Middleton is a user of Mumsnet. Since there are a lot of conversations on the website, it will be very hard to determine if she is one among hose mothers asking for advice and for help.

A lot of mothers are using the said website to complain and share about their lives, children, marriages as well as everyday struggles. The best part in using this website is that mothers can do it anonymously. So, someone like Kate Middleton can just log on to Mumsnet then share her struggles like what other mothers have been doing in the said site.

According to some, it will not be surprising anymore if Kate Middleton would resort to internet for parenting help with Prince William. A lot of mothers mostly her age would look for help in forums, mom blogs and other sites for their parenting questions.

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