Most Hazardous and Wicked Prisons In The World #5 – #1 Will Shock You

While some prisons in the world equip some prisoners with televisions, work out rooms, ping pong tables, and hearty servings of food, there are other prisons – primarily in underdeveloped nations – that are very rightfully regarded as “hell on Earth”. Of course, people will say, the prisoners in these prisons should have thought twice before committing a crime. Fair enough, you should remember…. most of these worst prisons are not in democratic, fair trial countries. If you continue reading down to number 1 we can guarantee you that uneven number of people in these prisons are there for simply trying to put food on the table. Here are the list of the most 25 most brutal prisons in the world.

25. Stanley Prison, Hong Kong

One of the six maximum security facilities built in Hong Kong in 1937, it was a popular place of execution before the Hong Kong government lifted capital punishment in 1990. Between the year 1946 and 1966, about 122 criminals were executed in the gallows of the prison. Stanley Prison also became the Japanese occupation, as a place of torture and execution where 600 inmates were killed. Refugees from China who tried to cross the border were also imprisoned there making its population grow to 3,000, well over its limits.

24 Attica Correctional Facility, New York

Attica Correctional Facility was constructed in 1930, this maximum security/supermax has held a number of the most dangerous criminals in the world. However, the prison became infamous due to the Attica Prison riot on September 9, 1971 as inmates demanded better living conditions and political rights. An estimated 2,200 prisoners protest and seized the prison its 33 staff as hostages. The four-day negotiations led to the killing to 39 people including 10 guards and civilian employees.

23. Montelupich Prison, Cracow, Germany

The Montelupich Prison one of the worst Nazi prisons in Poland, this prison was used by the Gestapo all throughout World War II to house political prisoners, victims of the Gestapo street raids, deserters, and British and Soviet spies. From 1940 to 1944, a recorded number of 50,000 inmates had passed through the prison walls where ‘medieval torture’ was employed as the principal interrogation method. After WW II, the prison became a Soviet prison where Polish soldiers from the Home Army were murdered and tortured by the NKVD.

22. Camp 1391, Northern Israel

Camp 1391 is an Israel Defence Forces prison camp for “high-risk” inmates in northern Israel, run by United 504 and less than an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv. The existence of the prison was unknown to the public before 2003, and most information about the Prison remains classified, though Israel’s supreme court ordered the release of some information about the jail.

21. Vladimir Central Prison, Russia

Built in 1783, the became infamous for housing political prisoners during the Soviet Union era. Nowadays the overcrowded and disease-infested prison is known for the sadistic about that the inmates receive from the guards. Inmates are forced out of their cells, ordered to put their hands on the wall and given beatings so severe that they have to be dragged on the floor back to their cells, while others result in deaths. As if these tortures aren’t enough, they are also ordered to beat each other.

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