China Just Unveiled A Driverless Train That Uses White Painted Lines Instead Of Rails

The Chinese is going for another world’s record with their new ‘ART’ train that mixes bus, tram and train all in one. Except instead of following the usual known metal rails, it followes the dotted white lines painted on the road. A very innovate investion!

The ART, you must have been wondering what that, stands for Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, and its make, Chinese rail transic firm CRRC, is calling their new investion “smart bus”. The driverless 30-meter long bus is fully electric and can travel over 40km on a full charge. While it’s guided by the whitle lines on the pavement, the dotted line comes with a sensor along with the train route – combined with sensors on the vehicle itself – help the train to follow the ‘virtual rails’ and get use to its surroundings and unexpected situations in real time.

This first model according to report is able to fit 300 passengers across three carriages – with up to 500 in the future configurations – and it runs on rubbber tires intead well-knowned metal rails.

The design is aimed at the communities that can’t afford the immensely expensive subway or tram projects. For example, it costs a whooping $102 million to build a kilometer of a subway track, as compared to about $2 million for a standard length ART bus, according to a report by the Chinese people state media Xinhua.

A 4 mile (6.5 km) ART line will be built in the Chinese city of Zhuzhou, this innovation will start operating in 2018.

(h/t: demilked)

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