Celebrities who’ve been accused of being manipulative

Blake Edwards
All stars are manipulative in one way or another because they’re marketing something, be it movie tickets, albums, or detox tea. Stars are also selling themselves to a degree, which means they have a picture to guard, whether that be through conveniently-timed paparazzi strolls, throwing their rivals under the bus via social media, or leaving shady remarks in songs or on social media. However, some stars are much more manipulative than others — supposedly.

Some celebrities have been involved in faking entire romances for advertising (and sometimes only one party involved is informed), and other famous faces have supposedly reneged on private contracts in order to publicly embarrass others. This list even carries a once-little-known actress who’s been bashed for allegedly dropping everyone in her life to climb the social ladder and become the Duchess of Sussex. Yep, these celebrities have all been accused of manipulating others, be it friends, lovers, or the media, with varying degrees of success.

Author: Chidiebere Rapheal Nwaigwa

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