CARDI B In Court for Strip Club Fight … SHOVE YOUR PLEA DEAL, OKURRRRR!!!

Cardi B is in NO mood to make a deal with prosecutors in her strip club beatdown case — at least not the one she was awarded Friday morning in the arena.

She was all business — decorated out in white — as she escorted through the rain, and into an NYC courthouse. As you know, Cardi’s accused of organizing an assault on 2 strip club bartenders — Jade and Baddie Gi — last August. Cardi allegedly thought Jade had slept with her man, Offset.

Inside, prosecutors tried to play let’s make a deal. The offer — plead guilty to misbehavior, and get a limited discharge. That would mean no jail time, but Cardi would have to stay out of the problem for some period of time.

That didn’t appeal to her, and she denied the deal before they could even discuss how long she’d have to keep her nose clean. The hearing didn’t take long, and Cardi strolled back out … silent as fans and photogs showed her love.

Cardi was apprehended and booked in October for her alleged role in the strip club fight. She’s facing charges of assault and reckless endangerment … both misdemeanors.

Jade and Baddie G enjoyed some publicity after allegedly being attacked — hanging out with Takashi 6ix9ine and appearing in a Nicki Minaj music vid.

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