Beyonce and Jay Z: Seek Lavish Nursery And Large Mansion For Twins

Beyonce and Jay Z, who are expecting twins, are excited about the double whammy. They are geared up to build a million-dollar nursery for their babies. Beyonce has Jay Z’s approval for it. So far, he has never denied Beyonce anything she ever wanted, she says.

So Beyonce and Jay Z are going to build up her nursery soon. She not only wants a million-dollar nursery but two sets of everything – a couple of lamps, changing tables, cribs, soft toys and “baby designer duds from Lanvin and Hermes.” Money is not the issue here at all.

Beyonce and Jay Z are preparing to make “the perfect room with state-of-the-art technology,” said a source to Radar Online. She told him that she wants “A place that is fit for royalty. Money is no object. It has to be perfect.”

It is not clear, though, why Beyonce’s desire for a multi-million nursery is so strong. Her desire for one would have got it for her anyway, as money has never come between Beyonce and Jay Z. What has been cast aside is their talk about separating. The twins took a double swipe on that issue, at least.

Yet, that is not all. The latest news is that Beyonce and Jay Z visited Petra and James Stunt’s lavish 57,000-square-foot pad so that they could take it over as their new home. It is a huge mansion that is said to be larger than the White House. It has 123 rooms. Some of them are quite eclectic – a huge aquarium in the study, a nightclub in the basement and one bowling alley, according to The Sun.

Sources at Los Angeles confirmed that Beyonce and Jay Z are very keen to hunt for something that they can put their roots into for a decade. The house appeared appealing. Having toured it actively, they are wondering whether it will work out. With an expanding brood of children, they are pretty serious about building up a large house and setting themselves down. They have prioritized their house in Hollywood.

However, all the stories have been dismissed by Gossip Cop. The magazine that works as a moral policeman has called the tales “sheer lies.” It said that the rumors about Beyonce and Jay Z looking to build a huge nursery and house are just that – rumors.

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