A Skin Care Guide – 10 Points For Sparkling Skin

If you’re wondering what are the things you need to do for a good skin or what guide to follow to achieve a sparkling skin every day, the tips in this article from Crumour will have you well on your way to the healthy skin you’ve been dreaming of. There’s no need to apply careless stuff on your face again. Our points are simple things that you can do to help you get looking skin that you want.

Tip #1 – Consume Healthy Fats

These include oils from nuts and seeds, fish (such as mackerels, tuna and salmon), and avocados do help a lot as well. Keep note to avoid low fat food if possible because they can work against you by depriving you of the much needed healthy fats your body needs to prevent dry itchy skin, more particularly during the winter season.

However, if you must limit your fat consumption, the best advice is to take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily, which can be found in some grocery stores in the health food aisle, and at health food stores. And instead of flaxseed, you can take lots of omega-3 and omega-6 (essential fatty acids) daily. Additionally, vitamin B, or biotin, can help relieve extremely dry skin. This normalizes the skin’s natural oils. It’s best to start at a little to start, and reduce to even lesser once your skin has normalized to it.

Tip #2 – Keep Pillowcases and Towels Clean

Many are the things people are often unaware of. The one people doesn’t take not of is the oil buildup that accumulate from the skin and hair. Whatever comes in contact with your face needs to be fresh and clean.

Tip #3 – Don’t Leave Home Without Your Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Face lines can be lessened and others by always making sure to use these two items. A big hat that shields ones skin from the sun is a good idea also.

Tip #4 – A Colon Cleanse is in Order

It’s ideal to reason that a clean intestinal track not only help your skin but the health in general. An all natural colon cleanse is good. Also, make sure to eat plenty of fiber such as whole grain brown rice, quinoa, and wild rice. This can also go with fresh fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, figs, etc., and raw fresh vegetables, nuts and beans. Your body will feel much better and lighter, and your skin also will feel and look great.

Tip #5 – Drink Plenty of Purified Water

Everyone probably already know that drinking much water, specifically, purified water water is good for optimum skin health if you want, you can flavor your water with a sugar free additive. For best and speedy result, make sure you drink a minimum of six glasses a day. Your skin will thank you for it.

Tip #6 – Wash Your Face But Don’t Overdo It

In order to maintain a natural balance in our skin, it’s imperative that our face should be wash only twice a day. Why? It’s simply because washing the face more than twice a day can dry the skin and can actually have breakouts. What you want to achieve is a healthy oil and moisture balance in your skin. Don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated. Check the Tip 5. After you wash your face, follow with a good toner and moisturizer.

Tip #7 – Get Rid of Dry Skin Cells By Exfoliating

The skin should be exfoliated once or twice a week or at when needed. One of the things that can be use is a slightly damp microfiber skin cloth or a loofah sponge. Making use of your favorite facial cleanser, scrub your face gently. Doing this will unclog pores and remove any dirt found on the skin. You will have a sparkling skin.

Tip #8 – Avoid Sugar If Possible

The human body goes through hard process digesting sugar, so cutting down is a wise move. Sugar can cause acne and rashes, even in adults, and will impede ones efforts to achieve a smoother, clearer skin. Cut back on foods (except fresh fruits) that contain sugar, including soft drinks.

Tip #9 – Invest in a cheap Shower Filter

Investing in a good shower filter is very helpful as part of one skin care treatment regime. Amongst the many things that a shower filter can remove are dirt, stubborn pathogens, and copper. Did you know that spending ten minutes in the shower is the same as drinking 8 glasses of tap water? And since you don’t want to drink tap water – I suggest you check back on our Tip 5 – a shower filter is good. Why wash the hair and skin in water that will only dry out your hair and age your skin?

Tip #10 – Hands Off (Your Face, That Is)

Although this is an obvious no no, many people are unaware of how much they actually touch their faces during the day with hands. Doing so makes you face prone to rashes and acne when you touch or scratch your face. During the day, be aware of and do not do so. It really helps your face.

So there you have it. Crumour skin care guide and points will benefit you in obtaining and sustaining healthy skin. They are not difficult to apply, and will improve your skin care routine.

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